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From Rome in New York

Every third Woody Allen movie is easily forgettable. Who remembers Cassandra’s Dream (2007) and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010) between big successes like Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008) and Midnight in Paris (2011)? It’s as if Allen just wants to keep the one movie a year-pace, no matter what. But we’ll go anyway, because there’s always the music, the humor, the Windsor Elongated font and the filter images of European cities on the tune of Sidney Bechet.

We went to the Angelika Film Center in the Middle of Soho, with its bad quality sound, the dark brown lines across the screen and vague memories of the nineties. The crew of the theater maintains great enthusiasm. Gone glory with popcorn and 2 liter buckets of coke.

There’s no central theme in To Rome With Love. It’s just four of five little stories, not even intertwined, that are set in Rome with famous actors. There’s a great Jesse Eisenberg, a typical Alec Baldwin, Greta Gerwig (potential next Woody Allen muse?), Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz, Roberto Begnini and Woody Allen himself. It’s a scrapbook of half finished thoughts, but perfectly enjoyable nevertheless. Especially the last scene in the Opera house, in which Woody Allen thinks of a way to make his newly discovered talent sing equally as good as under the shower.

In Angelika Film Center the crowd laughed and screamed “Oooh no” as always while watching Woody Allen. The jokes are as old and evergreen as the film theatre in Soho. (TG)


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