Tim de Gier 2015


Hello, my name is Tim de Gier. I'm a books editor of NRC in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Also, I co-founded podcast publishing-platform Dag en Nacht.

Previously I was a fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard and presenter of Literaturfest, a literary show on stage and at festivals.

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  • The Turbo Blog on Tumblr, where I keep my blog, sometimes daily, sometimes monthly
  • My old Wordpress site with longer articles
  • This is @degier_ebooks, my bot on twitter that makes new tweets from my old tweets. I explain the whole thing (in dutch) in this blogpost
  • Here is an overview of my twitter philosophy series, which is a series of interviews with twitterusers I like about their raison d'etre, the human condition and the universe. There's one in English, here

Latest writing in English

Selection of writing in Dutch


(some people I interviewed over the years. Some day I will add links to the results, I promise. It'll be mostly text, but also video and audio)

Zadie Smith • David Sedaris • Ben Lerner • Gary Shteyngart • Femke Halsema • Connie Palmen • Salman Rushdie • Chad Harbach • Nein Quarterly • Sasha Grey • Jon Williams • Emily Gould • Per Wästberg • Rutger Bregman • Zeynep Tufekci • Reed Hastings • Choire Sicha • Anna Drijver • Rob Wijnberg • Peter Vandermeersch • Zach Wise • Hanna Bervoets • Alexander Klöpping • Peter Buwalda • Renske de Greef • Joost de Vries • Katja Schuurman • Franca Treur • JL Heldring • Drs P • Joris Luyendijk • Hassan Bahara • Maxim Februari • Bas Heijne • Nynke de Jong • Maartje Wortel • Sylvia Witteman • Micha Wertheim • Ellen Deckwitz • Thijs Kleinpaste • Bent van Looy • Arie Boomsma • Rosanne Hertzberger • Art Rooijakkers • Arjen van Veelen • Alicja Gescinska • Herman Koch